Today we have a sea fret! Since moving to the north-east coast three months ago, I’ve heard dark mutterings of ‘frets’ – thick, spooky fog that comes right off the water and gets you imagining bad-tempered sea gods and the like. The Fret’s a padlock right around the house that’s keeping me at my desk. And write. No pottering around or popping up to Juliet’s, our favourite bakery on Sea Road, for home-made caramel shortbread. No, says the Fret, You Must Finish Tarot Switchwords.

It’s one of those projects I’ve been tinkering with for a year. Start, stop (now, stopping was for very good reason. I got The Call – the one asking me to write and co-create HBO’s Game of Thrones Tarot. But that’s another story.)

So, until at least the Fret lifts, I’m on the case. Road-testing the spreads showing how to get a Switchword, or manifesting mantra. Rewriting what I thought was great twelve months ago and now wondering what on earth I was doing. I’m in Judgement phase: the card that asks you to revisit the past, edit, audit, let go of mistakes, then move on up.

This Marseilles Judgement card says it – the call to reawaken to what needs attention.

Wish me luck. I’m here until I can see the sea gulls worm-dancing in the garden again…