HBO’s Game of Thrones Tarot

HBO’s Game of Thrones Tarot

Illustrated by Craig Coss

Fusing the mythic storytelling of your favourite drama with the timeless wisdom of the tarot, the deck is the result of my year-long collaboration with award-winning artist Craig Coss and the good people of Chronicle Books. Each of the 78 cards presents scenes, symbols and characters you will instantly recognise: the tarot Lovers card shows Jon Snow and Ygritte atop the Wall; Arya Stark, at the House of Black and White, is the tarot’s Death card; and Tyrion… well, you’ll have to wait and see.

Even if you know nothing (John Snow) about tarot cards, let the denizens of Westeros, Essos and Dorne bring you magical insights: ask your cards if the Lannister in your life will pay her debts, if that wildfire idea will explode, or if you’ll be pursued by a hoard of White Walkers (only joking on that last one…) Whatever your tarot-reading ability, from beginner to expert, Game of Thrones Tarot offers powerful depictions of some of the series’ stand-out moments and symbols, illuminating your past, present and future.

This deluxe box melds the tradition of the tarot with the deep archetypes of Game of Thrones. Game of Thrones fans will pore over a 78-card treasure trove of much-loved characters, scenes, and stories depicted in a style both surprising and true to the world of Westeros. An accompanying hardcover book (114 pages) explains the symbolism of each card, along with scene-specific captions, and specially designed Game of Thrones layouts to try.

Mother of Dragons

The Raven’s guidance

Dragon-glass secrets…

In life and in the series….