Teaching: Video Clips

Liz Dean LIVE

I love sharing my work with people around the world, in person or virtually – from live workshops in New York, Australia and the UK to online presentations for Portugal, Sweden and Hispanic-speaking countries.


Stockholm International Tarot Conference 2021

In this video excerpt, Liz introduces her Conference workshop on aligning minor arcana cards, by group, to majors.

Estoracle Day 2021

Number magic: An excerpt from a mini-masterclass on divining major cards from a three-card minors reading.

World Divination Association Conference 2020

Excerpt from Conference presentation on The Hanged Man and his Switchwords, TOGETHER-WAIT. Chant along.


Live Readings – Nature’s Hidden Oracles Launch with Kindred Spirit Magazine, 2021

Readings using the Twig Oracle demonstrate how to read by casting with natural, found materials – just the way our ancestors did.