Liz Dean Ultimate Guide to Tarot Courses

Learn tarot with me – wherever your starting point. Based on my bestselling book, The Ultimate Guide to Tarot, I bring alive my wisdom in this upcoming set of engaging and inspiring live classes. 

Every session includes readings, reading techniques and spreads (card layouts) to try. Students practice reading for themselves or each other – whichever is preferred – in breakout rooms. The running time for each live session is 1.5 hours.

6-week Absolute Beginner Course: £165

Tarot-curious? Here’s where you take your first steps! In these LIVE weekly online classes you’ll learn the meanings of the 78 cards of the tarot’s major and minor arcana, plus key techniques and spreads – all of which will build your confidence and help you trust your inner knowing. We’ll also cover timing, reversed cards and interpreting Court cards, and using keyword meanings as a starting point to help you find your flow. From choosing the right deck to interpreting simple card sequences, this course offers you the foundation skills you’ll need as you journey into the fascinating and rewarding symbology of tarot.

8-week Intermediate Course: £250

Here’s where you get to deepen your connection with yourself and with your cards. In these weekly online classes, we go to next-level symbol reading. You’ll see how to read a symbol at a glance then, in meditation, how to follow a symbol into the landscape of the card. We’ll also look at tarot and storytelling, and the ways tarot weaves into other esoteric arts such as astrology, numerology, Kaballah and feng shui – all of which will add richness to your personal study and your readings. You’ll also begin to see your own patterns in the cards that come up regularly for you – we interpret these together, and look at the gifts that even the darkest cards in the deck bestow.

6-week Advanced Course: £350

If you’ve been reading for a while, or have taken the Beginner and Intermediate courses with Liz, the Advanced Course is for you. We take card-reading to a higher level, with techniques such as Life Mapping – using cards to map your life’s journey for self-knowledge and reflection – plus complex spreads. We’ll also try traditional card-counting techniques plus working with additional spiritual tools during a reading (for example, oracle cards and pendulums). You’ll also discover how to go professional as a reader, plus how to create your own tarot deck as a writer and/or editor – then publishing independently or via a traditional publisher.