I give talks and workshops from beginner to professional level. Topics and venues include:


TABI Conference (Virtual, July 2021)
Divination in Nature: Nature’s Hidden Charms

Stockholm International Tarot Conference (Virtual, May 2021)
Minors to majors: Surprising Relations

World Spiritual Association Virtual Conference (March 2021)
Divination in Nature: Nature’s Hidden Oracles

The Esotoracle Live (Virtual; February 2021)
Minors to Majors: Surprising Relations

Kindred Spirit Magazine online launch (January 2021)
Nature’s Hidden Oracles

UK Tarot Conference (Virtual; October 2020)
Star Power

Tarot Palooza (June 2020)
Reading from the Heart

The Tarot Guild of Australia (April 2020)
The Seven of Cups

World Divination Association Virtual Conference (June 2020)
Tarot During Covid-19: Finding Creative Expression

International Tarot Summit (Portugal, Virtual event, October 2019)
Tarot as a Journey

TABI Conference, Birmingham (July 2019)
Talking Symbols: Free-flow Readings

The Tarot Guild of Australia, Perth, Melbourne, Sydney (April–May 2019)
The Hermit: The Wounded Healer Within
Talking Symbols: How to Revitalise Your Connection with Your Cards

UK Tarot Festival, London (July 2018, 2019)
Game of Thrones Tarot: Narratives and Archetypes
Tarot Switchwords: Manifesting the Arcana

Masters of Tarot, Omega Institute, New York (August 2018)
Talking Symbols: How to Revitalise Your Connection with Your Cards

Reader’s Studio, New York (April 2016, 2017)
Tarot Switchwords (showcase presentation)
The Call to Tarot

International Tarot Day, Newcastle-upon-Tyne (July 2017)
Understanding Switchwords

Diversity Spiritual Festival, London (2016)
Switchwords: How to Use One Word to Get What You Want

UK Tarot Conference, London (October 2009)
The Game of Tarot: Looking at the Visconti cards 

The Moot With No Name, London (October 2008)
The Golden Tarot 

Other Workshops:

Divination in Nature; Angels of the Tarot; Beginner Tarot; Intermediate Tarot; Tarot Switchwords; Crystal-ball Reading; Tea-leaf Reading; Crystal Divination; Game of Thrones Tarot; Tarot History and Origins; Tarot for Your Soul Purpose; Tarot and Numbers.